3115 N. Broadway

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1)      The trash containers shown will remain to serve only the commercial tenants. Yes, as a result of the ceiling height they are rolled out for collection and placed back inside by the collectors, using the existing loading zone which is immediately north of the curb cut. We do not intend to change this process.  

2)      As you’ll notice on the attached floor plans, there is a dedicated area on each floor for trash (next to HVAC and Electrical room), which will hold a chute. The current plan is to have the trash chute lead to a compactor in ‘the back of the house’ of the development on the 1st floor. The compacted trash will be collected on an as-needed basis.

3)      The 3 loading zones are to address the concerns from SELVN. The property currently has a loading zone along Broadway in front of the building, which we anticipate will be used by moving vans with a height above 8’-4”. However, the outside vehicle height of a U-Haul Van is 7’-0”, so they will comfortably fit underneath the 8’-4” clearance. (https://www.uhaul.com/Trucks/Cargo-Van-Rental/BE/). Loading will also be available on the 2nd and 3rd floors as a result of the parking provided. In addition, as a result of our unit mix and average unit size, it is unlikely any particular tenant will require an extraordinarily large moving truck.

4)      I’ve attached the most recent plans (unit mix, elevations, and the first floor plan) for your site. Below is brief narrative that may be used as well. Should we receive an affirmative vote on Monday, we look forward to working with you and the Alderman on these issues, the streetscape, and the southern elevation mural.

The new owners of 3115 N. Broadway are excited about the possibility to bring class-A multifamily apartments to the neighborhood. As they continue to work with the community group and the Alderman, their plans may change slightly, but their most recent ambitions are outlined in the above documents.

We are pursuing a B3-5 as a TOD to achieve the 50% reduction in parking (34 stalls will be available under current plans).

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