2950 N Sheridan Road

Project Update: September 16, 2016

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Forman Realty, a division of Wirtz Realty Corporation, proposes to construct a 19-story residential building with approximately four levels of parking in an adjacent structure attached to the tower. The project site is located at 2950 North Sheridan Road (northwest corner of Sheridan Road and Oakdale Avenue). The building will be built within the terms of the existing Planned Development #1117, approved on September 10, 2008. There will be a total of 82 residential units with parking for approximately 113 cars. Any unused parking spaces in the building will be available to residents living in other Wirtz Realty Corporation buildings in the immediate area to accommodate their lack of parking. Designed building and tower setbacks aim to lessen the impact of the building on other neighbors and to provide additional landscaped green space on Oakdale Avenue. The project will meet and surpass the applicable landscape ordinance requirements.

Wirtz Realty was not required to, but conducted an updated traffic study to determine the impact of their project on traffic in the neighborhood. Part of this updated study was a review of the original traffic study by a separate firm, which confirmed the conclusions of the original study. Although it was concluded that the site generated traffic which can be accommodated efficiently with no significant impact on the external street systems, Wirtz will work with the Alderman and his constituency to determine if any additional traffic infrastructure is needed. 





  Press Release

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 Traffic Plan
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 Construction Logistics Plan
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 Elevation Plan 

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Site Plan

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Area Map

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2008 Previously Approved Plans:

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