School/Aldine & Roscoe Greenway

Neighborhood Greenways

Neighborhood Greenways turn roads into places for people. Greenways are residential streets with low speeds and low traffic volumes where people walking and biking are given priority. They create a more welcoming, livable street environment by applying traffic calming and innovative design strategies to a corridor. Greenways are still conducive to local vehicle traffic and street parking, but they improve traffic safety for everyone. More people walking and biking also means more "eyes on the street," making for a safer and friendlier community!

Click here to download the complete City of Chicago: Streets for Cycling 2020 Plan.


Update - 7/6/17
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has reviewed and approved the proposed plans for W. School/W. Aldine & W. Roscoe routes. 

Update - 6/1/17
In anticipation for 44th Ward Greenway project installation I have authorized the resurfacing of Roscoe between Racine and Southport and Roscoe between Broadway and Halsted. The resurfacing of both of these stretches of Roscoe establishes a smooth driving surface of the westbound cooridor. Both resurfacing projects are expected to be complete by mid to late July. 

9/6/16 - Task Force Meeting #5
The School/Aldine and Roscoe Greenway project is currently wrapping up the planning and study phase.  A special task force and the Department of Transportation (CDOT) have been reviewing traffic studies to create appropriate recommendations for community review.  The task force and CDOT have reached an agreement of suitable traffic calming treatments for School/Aldine and Roscoe. In the coming months our office will hold a community forum to collect input and suggestions.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions about this project please contact my office at (773)525-6034 or email us at I appreciate any and all feed back regarding this proposed Greenway project.

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