1045 W. Cornelia



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Contemporary Concepts Inc. ("CCI"), established in 2004, is a Chicago based general contractor and developer that has been delivering quality products in Chicago and its immediate surrounding for over eleven years. With an emphasis on innovation and meticulous planning, CCI continues to push the envelope of design to bring new high-end buildings to market. CCI has expertise in the process for land acquisitions, building purchases, facilitating the necessary zoning and neighborhood approvals, and evaluating construction costs.

Contemporary Concepts is proposing to develop the property located at 1045 W Cornelia. The current zoning allows for the construction of a ten unit building on the property. However, considering the size and location of the lot, CCI is proposing to build a four-story, sixteen unit brick building with predominantly two and three bedroom apartments that is ADA accessible and has an elevator. CCI believe that this property will help soften the transition from Clark to Cornelia as well as serve as a buffer from the busy stretch of Clark Street.

The architect is working on a design that will have a strong relationship with the street and blends well with the neighborhood. A design that provides adequate landscaping and lighting to create an appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. In addition, CCI will be plowing the snow in the alley to allow the tenants and their neighbors to access their homes.
After numerous meetings with the Alderman, Hawthorne Neighborhood group and the community, CCI has made some changes to their original proposal based on the feedback received from the community.

• Reduced number of units from twenty to sixteen
• Increased parking to a one-to-one ratio
• Height reduced from 51'-6" to 46'-8" with top floor set back from the street
• Balconies and terraces eliminated on side facing alley to avoid disturbing the neighbors
• CCI will provide two-to-one bike parking
• Donate $200,000 to Chicago Affordable Housing Trust
• Entrance was moved to the center of the building

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