Winter Tools (Chicago Shovels)


Chicago Shovels is a tool to help connect the public with City winter resources and empower neighbors to come together to help Chicago navigate winter.  Chicago Shovels provides residents with tools such as plow tracker, which during snow storms, will show real-time locations of city plows and salt spreaders. Residents can watch as snow clearing efforts start with the major streets then move to neighborhood streets to keep Chicago moving.  Chicago Shovels also allows residents to volunteer in the Chicago Snow Corps program.  Chicago Snow Corp connects volunteers with residents– such as seniors and residents with disabilities - in need of snow removal.  Please take a moment to view some of the many ways the City of Chicago offers to help residents endure and navigate the cold.  Winter just got easier in Chicago!

Chicago Shovels

Winter Reminders

With harsh winter weather upon us and snow in the forecast, I wanted to share a reminder with you regarding sidewalk snow removal. According to the Chicago Municipal Code, "Every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or other person having charge of any building or lot of ground abutting upon any public way or public space shall remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk..."

Sidewalks must be shoveled seven days a week.

  • Call 311 if there are sidewalks that are not clear of snow and ice, making a "Snow-Uncleared Sidewalk" request.

  • Clear a five foot wide path.

  • Do NOT push snow into the street, alley entrance, bike lanes, bus stops or crosswalks.

  • Individuals who do not comply can receive fines of up to $500 a day per violation; Businesses that do not comply can receive fines of up to $1,000 a day per violation.

Important winter safety tips:

  • Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled.

  • Shovel your sidewalks following snow fall. Snow/Ice covered sidewalks create significant challenges for the disabled and seniors, pedestrians, and children walking to/from school. Help shovel sidewalks for those that are unable.

  • It is important that in your snow removal efforts, that snow is piled on the parkways and not put into the streets and alleys.

  • In extreme cold: bundle up and wear layers!

  • Drive cautiously, as the daytime sunshine and night time temperature changes may cause icy streets/alleys.

  • To avoid frozen water pipes, check any pipes that are on outside walls, run water at a slow trickle during extremely cold weather and leave cabinet doors open to allow warm air to permeate the inside of the cabinet.

  • Keeps pets indoors as much as possible.

Chicago Snow Corps

Chicago Snow Corps is a program that connects volunteers with residents– such as seniors and residents with disabilities - in need of snow removal.  To request a volunteer to shovel your sidewalk or block in case of extreme snowfall, call 311, submit an online service request or contact our Ward Office. This is a volunteer-matching service. The City will do its best to match those who have requested assistance with those who have volunteered.

To become a volunteer and help residents with snow removal, join the Snow Corps by filling out a form here. While winter can be hazardous for everyone here in the City of Chicago, it can be especially difficult for elderly and physically disabled residents, who may not have the ability or resources to remove snow from their sidewalks and walkways. Chicago Snow Corps aims to help minimize potential heavy-snow emergencies by pairing volunteers with blocks where elderly and disabled citizens have requested help.  For more information on this program, please click here

To directly view winter warming center information, please visit the link below.

icon DFSS_Warming_Center_Flier_English.pdf (568 KB) 

Plow Tracker

If you would like to track the progress of City snow plows in real-time, click here.

Warming Centers

A Warming Center is a heated facility where Chicagoans can go to find safe refuge from extreme weather.

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) operates six Warming Centers during work weekdays when temperatures dip below 32 degrees. Additional facilities are opened as needed including Senior Centers, libraries, and Park District buildings. The Warming Centers that DFSS operates are not open on weekday holidays unless specifically indicated. This is why it is so important to contact 3-1-1 for Warming Center information, especially during off hours or on holidays. The nearest DFSS Warming Center to the 44th Ward is located at 845 W. Wilson.  For more information, please click here.

Sidewalk Snow Removal 

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For more information, please visit the City of Chicago's Winter Apps page here

To receive emergency alerts from Notify Chicago, register here

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