Infrastructure is vital to a neighborhood’s economic development, vibrancy, appeal, health and safety. As your Alderman, I am committed to maintaining and replacing out ward’s aging infrastructure. There are several different programs available to help fund small and large scale infrastructure projects. The most common and consistent programs is known as the Alderman Menu and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  I take a great deal of pride in partnering with the 44th Ward community to survey and identify which location are in need of new sidewalks, curb, pavement, lights, trees and much more.  Community input plays a key role on where I determine to use menu funds. 

Aldermanic Menu Program
Every year, each of Chicago's 50 wards can address their own specific local infrastructure needs through the Aldermanic Menu Program.  $1.32 million per ward is allocated from the CIP general obligation bonds to each Alderman to provide a menu of infrastructure project options for the aldermen to select and prioritize.

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