Parking in the 44th Ward

Residential Parking Guest Permits

One-Day Residential Parking Guest Permits (which are valid for 24 hours from the time of posting) are available to 44th Ward residents with a valid customer code. Permits are printed on demand upon purchase in sheets of 15 for $8.00 (limit 45 guest permits per living unit every 30 days- no exceptions). Guest permits can be purchased at the 44th Ward Service Office at 3223 N. Sheffield Ave.

To obtain a customer code please email a copy of your valid drivers license and proof of residency to 


  • Photo ID and Valid Customer Code
  • Proof of residency (current lease or current utility bill; a driver's license with your current 44th Ward address is valid for both an ID and proof of residency)
  • $8.00 (debit, credit, or in-state check) NO CASH 

You can also purchase permits online from the City Clerk's website.  Please allow up to 14 days to receive your sticker and daily guest passes, if purchased.

Not sure what zone you're in? See the map below or click here to look up your parking zone.

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