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Chicago Sculpture Exhibit

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The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit (CSE) is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. CSE was founded in 2001 by then Alderman Vi Daley. Daley created the program, the Lincoln Park Community Art Initiative, to beautify the Lincoln Park neighborhood in a new way. The first show was mounted in 2002 with eight sculptures that were on display from May through October. The show continued to grow every year and has earned accolades from many. In 2008, the show nearly doubled when Alderman Tom Tunney brought the Lakeview neighborhood into the show. Following the 10 year Anniversary of the show, additional neighborhoods joined and the name was changed to reflect a growing interest in sculpture throughout the city, Chicago Sculpture Exhibit.

The CSE issues a "Call for Artists" each year and a jury selects new pieces for placement in the spring. Selected artists are awarded a small stipend in return for a one-year display of their creation. A kickoff party is held after the installations are complete with trolley tours taking place periodically throughout the year.

The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. The CSE is entirely funded by charitable contributions from the private sector. The CSE mission is to bring art to the neighborhoods. We hope that you will encounter art while going about your daily life; walking to the dry cleaners or the farmer's market, out for a run/walk, visiting a local restaurant. All of the works are available for purchase at the conclusion of the exhibit. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Join the CSE community today and help promote public art.


Belmont Underpass Mural

In 2011, Alderman Tunney committed funding towards a community-involved mural at the Belmont-Lake Shore Underpass.  The mural's design came from ideas and pictures generated from Lakeview neighbors and was completed by the Chicago Public Art Group.  Photos of the completed mural and its installation are below.






CTA Public Art

*content and pictures provided by Chicago Transit Authority
Space Junction of Energy (Belmont Train Station)
Jerald Jacquard

Jerald Jacquard’s sculpture, Space Junction of Energy, is a paradox; an abstract sculpture that describes the specific event of mass passing through space. The artist’s intention is to energize the viewer’s mind through perception of the ever-shifting composition of geometric forms. Formal yet animated, the sculpture is an arrangement of hollow geometric shapes constructed of cut and welded sheet steel. A visual blanket of orange paint unifies the variable components and emphasizes the internal balance and harmony of this dynamic composition. 


We All Ride the Train Together (Belmont Train Station) 
David Lee Csicsko

Mosaics by David Lee Csicsko embellish the Belmont station in celebration of the diversity and liveliness of the Lakeview community. CTA customers are greeted by nine spirited portraits along Belmont Avenue. Inside the stationhouse colossal pairs of eyes keep watch and reflect friendly faces while a Victorian-era train car pays homage to the history of the neighborhood. The joyous portraits of its passengers, young and old, reflect the diversity of Chicago’s population.


Green & Yellow (Southport Train Station)
Elizabeth Fraiberg

The abstract imagery of these murals is derived from the artist’s own photographs of the neighborhood surrounding the Southport station, which she layered and transformed through digital collage. The yellow mural is meant to energize and inspire patrons on their commute into the Loop, while the green mural is intended to impart feelings of coolness and serenity as they return home. 

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