Developer Checklist

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As the developer of the project at _____________________________, I will make sure all of my workers, sub-contractors & service providers are responsible & respectful of the neighbors. I will ensure all proper permits are acquired & all city laws are followed. In addition, I will adhere to the following:


  • Construction noise will not start before 8am or go later than 9pm. Starting a little later on weekend mornings would be appreciated. ___
  • Construction vehicles, deliveries, or dumpsters shall not be in use outside the hours of 7am-10pm. ___
  • Construction vehicles & materials shall not be stored on public property without the proper permits. ___
  • If a construction vehicle is blocking access  in the alley or on the street & asked to move, the driver shall do so, quickly & respectfully. ___
  • All construction vehicles shall obey city parking regulations. ___
  • Idling vehicles & equipment should be turned off. ___
  • Private dumpsters, not neighborhood trash cans, should be used for trash disposal & they should be emptied regularly to prevent from overflowing. ___
  • The City's Materials Recycling Ordinance should be followed. ___
  • Construction workers will clean up the construction site & any other areas that were disturbed due to construction (alley, sidewalk) at the end of every day. ___
  • Portable toilets will be used on site. They will be kept on the project's property & will be emptied as often as possible. ___
  •  The use of other's private property or utilities, without permission, is strictly forbidden. ___
  • The site will be secured with the proper fencing around the entire site at the end of every day. ___
  • Effective rat abatement will be used before & during demolition/construction. ___
  • Snow removal & yard maintenance will be done as required by law. ___
  • Construction dust will be mitigated by the use of a wet saw, green mesh & any other protective measures that are deemed helpful. ___
  • The landscaping on the public way & on the adjacent properties will be protected. ___
  • Permits will be posted on site, as required by law. ___
  • Any damage done to adjacent properties will be the sole responsibility of the development company. ___


  • The schedule of demolition/construction will be sent to the Alderman's office at or faxed to 773-525-5058. ___
  • The project manager or his assignee will meet with the immediate neighbors before the project begins to share emergency contact information, set up a process for conflict resolution, & survey the conditions before construction. ___


  • Abandoned curbs & driveways need to be replaced. ___
  • Any new construction requires new sidewalks unless otherwise approved by the Alderman. ___
  • I acknowledge that there are inherent challenges when doing construction in an urban congested area like Lakeview. I will do everything in my power to minimize the the negative impacts of the neighbors & the community as a whole. ___


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