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Chicago Vehicle Sticker Guide

The City Vehicle Sticker is an annual wheel tax levied by the City of Chicago. If you have a vehicle within the city limits for a period of thirty (30) days or longer, you are required to purchase a sticker.

Motorcycles and mopeds are also required to pay the "Wheel Tax." The City Clerk's Office sells special motorcycle medallions that must be affixed to the rear license plate. These are only sold at City Clerk Offices and online.

Vehicle stickers are valid upon purchase, meaning when you get your new vehicle sticker, remove your old sticker and replace it with the new one. Your expiration month and year is printed on your vehicle sticker. Vehicle stickers expire on the final day of the expiration month.

New Vehicle?

You have 30 days from the date you purchased your vehicle (or, if received as a gift, the date you received your vehicle) to purchase and display a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.

New to Chicago?

You have 30 days from your move-in date to purchase and display a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.

Where to Purchase Your City Sticker

City Vehicle Stickers can be purchased online through the City Clerk's EZ>BUY online sales application.  If you do not have your Renewal Form, you can still buy online using your Illinois license plate number, street name and last name.

City Vehicle Stickers can also be purchased in person at one of the following City Clerk locations:

City Hall (121 N. LaSalle, Room 107)

City Clerk South Side Satellite Office (5674 S. Archer Ave, Unit A)

City Clerk North Side Satellite Office (5430 W. Gale St) 

Stickers can also be purchased at 350 community vendors throughout the city including currency exchanges and banks located within the city limits. In addition, stickers can be purchased at the Department of Revenue Substation, located at 2550 West Addison. The substation is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.  To locate one of the 350 locations that you can visit to purchase a City Sticker, please click here. **NOTE: Residents requiring an Exception Letter, must utilize the City Clerk's office and NOT a community vendor. 

We DO NOT sell City Stickers at the 44th Ward Service Office.   


You must provide your vehicle registration and proof of residency. If you are purchasing your sticker at a Currency Exchange, you must have in-state license plates.


The price of a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker depends on the following factors:

Vehicle Type - Passenger, Large Passenger, Small Truck, Large Truck, Motorcycle, and Antique Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are assigned varying prices.

Purchaser Age - Motorists age 65 and older as of December 31, 2014 are eligible for discounted Chicago City Vehicle Stickers. Read more.

Purchase Date - Stickers purchased after July 15, 2014 are subject to a late fee except for newly purchased vehicles or new Chicago residents.

Annual Residential Zone Parking - Residential Zone Parking is optional and not applicable for all vehicles. Read more.

This year only, your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker price is prorated by month to set you on your new Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales renewal month.  Your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker price is based on the length of time your vehicle sticker is valid. When you make your purchase, you will be asked to select between a short-term Prorated Chicago City Vehicle Sticker (valid for between one and 12 months), or a long-term Extended Chicago City Vehicle Sticker (valid for between 13 and 24 months).

The final 2014 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker cost is determined by multiplying the number of months the vehicle sticker is valid by the monthly price that corresponds with the make, model and vehicle sticker type listed in the chart below.

Again, these price options are being offered for one time only to set more than one million motorists on a Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales calendar and end the long lines and headaches associated with the traditional six-week sales season. Please note, seniors age 65 and older as of Dec. 31, 2014 are exempt from the Year-Round Sales Program and will continue to renew on an annual, June-to-June schedule. The cost for a Senior Chicago City Vehicle Sticker is $30.34.

2015 Sticker Types & Prices  

  • Passenger (P), which includes sedans, small SUVs & vans, vehicles have an annual vehicle sticker price of $85.97.
  • Large Passenger (LP), which includes SUVs and mid-sized vans, vehicles have an annual vehicle sticker price of $136.54.
  • Small Truck (ST), which includes pick-up trucks and large vans, vehicles have an annual vehicle sticker price of $202.28.
  • Large Truck (LT), which includes buses, semi-trucks and RVs, vehicles have an annual vehicle sticker price of $455.13.

The total price for your annual vehicle sticker can only be determined using your vehicle documentation, which establishes your VIN, as well as your vehicle purchase and/or move-in dates, and your license plate expiration date.  For more information, click here

Late Fees

Per City ordinance, a $60.00 late fee — $30.00 for seniors — must be applied to a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker if ANY of the following apply:

  • The renewal vehicle sticker was purchased after the grace period for the old vehicle sticker has ended. For example, a customer with an expiration month of January 2015 has until Feb. 15, 2015 to purchase a renewal vehicle sticker without additional fees or penalties. If that customer attempted to renew the same vehicle sticker on Feb. 16, they would be subject to a $60.00 late fee, OR;

  • A customer failed to purchase a vehicle sticker within any of the following circumstances that a late fee does not apply listed below.

The late fee does not apply for Chicago City Vehicle Stickers purchased in-person at a City Clerk office location by a customer who – at the time of purchase – can demonstrate:

  • They are a new resident with documentation indicating purchase of property or a rental agreement executed within the last 30 days for a location within Chicago, OR;

  • They are a new vehicle owner with proof of purchase within the last 30 days, OR;

  • They returned from serving in the United States Armed Forces and were stationed outside the City, within the last 30 days, OR;

  • They provide a check registry or credit card statement showing that the license was sought in the purchase period, OR;

  • At the direction of the City Clerk for reasonable cause.

Under all other circumstances, the customer will be required to pay a late fee and the annual price for their vehicle sticker. 

For more information on vehicle stickers, visit the website of the Chicago City Clerk. Note: stickers purchased from currency exchange and banks may include a processing fee.

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