Wrigley Field Renovation Negotiations

Posted: 5/8/2012

"Recently, there have been several media reports that a Wrigley Field renovation deal between the City of Chicago and the Chicago Cubs is nearing completion. It is true that negotiations are underway, but no agreement has been reached. Wrigley Field is a Chicago treasure and an economic engine for the 44th Ward. While I support job growth and development within our ward, I was elected to represent the residents and to ensure the overall well-being of the Lakeview community. My first priority has, and always will be, protecting the quality of life for all our neighbors and local businesses in the Ward. That includes being vigilant in overseeing how their tax dollars are spent.

If the Cubs wish to improve and expand Wrigley Field using amusement tax dollars, I have several priorities that should be addressed:

- A ten-year extension of the Neighborhood Protection ordinance that would include a set number of night games and concerts held annually at Wrigley Field;
- A dedicated police detail unit for all Wrigley Field events, especially post game coverage;
- An improved Streetscape - lighting, sidewalks, identifiers and landscaping - on Clark Street to enhance commercial activity and on Sheffield Avenue to preserve the residential district;
- A commitment to restore the CTA Sheridan Red Line El Station;
- A limit on street closures of Sheffield or Waveland Avenues for any Cubs related events;
- An updated planned development for the proposed Triangle building and plaza on Clark Street north of Addison. This development should include space for public and community events like farmer's markets and ice skating;
- A long-term agreement between the Chicago Cubs and their rooftop partners concerning advertising inside and outside of Wrigley Field that has the approval of the Landmarks Commission, the City and our community.

In my view, all of us involved in the negotiations should be concentrating our efforts on a plan that takes all of Wrigley Field's and Lakeview's unique qualities into perspective. Keeping the priorities I outlined above in mind, I believe we can work together to find a compromise that will allow Wrigley Field to expand and improve while keeping an inviting and safe environment within our neighborhood that protects property values for homeowners."

Alderman Tom Tunney
44th Ward

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