Street Sweeping Text/Email Alerts

Street sweeping season has begun and the City sweepers are out and about. Help steer clear of those pesky parking tickets by signing up for email/text alerts with TktTxt!

TktTxt is a free service for the 44th Ward brought to you by Alderman Tom Tunney that sends email and text alerts about upcoming street sweeping in your selected area. You will receive two alerts: one the evening prior to and on the morning of the street sweeping.

You can also choose to be alerted about upcoming Cubs Night Games!

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and there are no limits to how many sections you can choose.

Click here to sign up for email and text alerts and start avoiding tickets!


Although TktTxt is offering many alerts, you have the ability to select or deselect many of them, as well as the type of alerts you wish to receive. Whether you are looking for a one time alert, or want to have them all season long, you are covered.

Click here for a complete 44th Ward Street Sweeping Schedule

In the future, TktTxt will also be able to warn constituents of other driving and parking events that may impact them as drivers and help them avoid parking tickets, including: city sticker renewal, street closures, temporary tow zones and more!

How do I unsubscribe from the service?

When you confirm your account, you receive an email that has an ID# for that alert. This ID# is for that specific alert. Other alerts will not be affected by the deletion of that ID#.

How do I have more than one alert?

For each alert you wish to receive, you must sign up again. Each alert is treated as an individual account, and as such requires a new registration.

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