3701 N. Ashland- Rosecrance Lakeview


Rosecrance Lakeview is a counseling center and recovery residence at 3701 North Ashland Avenue.  This center affords young adults in the early stages of recovery the opportunity to heal and become grounded in recovery as they progress toward a successful future. Through evidence-based treatment, a structured and supportive living environment, personal accountability, career-coaching and guidance in goal setting, these young adults will receive the best opportunity for help, hope and recovery. No drugs or alcohol are allowed in the residence or any part of the building.

Who will the Rosecrance Lakeview location serve?

Rosecrance Lakeview serves adults age 18 and older. The primary focus of the counseling center and recovery residence is young adults ages 18-29 years old who are seeking to fulfill positive academic and career goals. The individuals living at the site are all seeking sober and drug-free living environments to support their recovery. Some are students from area colleges. Others may work part-time as they obtain counseling and other services to support their recovery. 

What is the specific proposal for the building use?

Rosecrance purchased the building at 3701 N. Ashland Avenue by Mangan Builders. The building is very similar to the one on the southwest corner of Ashland and Waveland, which was also built by the same developers.  

On the first floor in the commercial office space, Rosecrance operates a counseling center for individuals and families affected by substance use. The center offers individual and group counseling to these individuals and families, as well as outpatient and day treatment services. No medicines will be distributed at the clinic. The outpatient services that we offered at our 2835 North Sheffield location are now located at this new site.  The use of this space is consistent with the existing zoning and approved building permits.

The second, third and fourth floors provide structured recovery living, with a length of stay ranging up to 18 months. The units will be attractively furnished. A special use permit has been approved for the residential component.                                                  

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