Residential lighting takes high priority in the 44th Ward. Functioning street lights improve public safety and provide for a well-lit neighborhood.
If you see any street or alley lights out, be it one light or an entire block, please contact our office at 773-525-6034.

Lighting problems can also be addressed through the Service Request Description Page at the City's 311 AT YOUR SERVICE web site. Click here to access this page, and scroll down to the Alley Light Out or Street Light Out entry in the list of Service Request Description.
You will need the following information to fill out the request: the address the light is in front of and is the light competely out or does it flicker on/off. Be sure to report whether it is the over the road, or the piggy back light that is out. Street light repairs are usually done during the day when the lights are not on, so this information is essential to expedite the repair work.

The Smart Lighting Project is being led by the Chicago Infrastructure Trust (CIT) in coordination with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). When completed it will be one of the largest LED conversion projects in the country and will create the nation's largest lighting control network.

This ambitious city-wide lighting modernization initiative will take advantage of advances in lighting technologies to deliver higher quality, reliable outdoor lighting by:

  • Replacing approximately 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps with modern, energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Installing a wireless lighting management system that provides real time outage updates, greatly reducing outage response times.
  • Making targeted repairs to existing poles and wires, with the goal of extending useful life and reducing failure rates.

Starting this week and lasting through the end of the year, the City is conducting demonstrations of the proposed new LED lighting to solicit resident input, before the Chicago Smart Lighting procurement is finalized.
New LED light fixtures have been installed in seven Chicago neighborhoods; on one arterial street, one residential block, and one alley in each area. The locations can be found here.

The City is asking residents to provide general feedback about light quality, lighting levels and visibility, by using this online comment form or by mail at:

CDOT Streetlight Demo
30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60602

For more information please see additional information below.

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