Streets & Sanitation

Garbage Collection

As part of the 2012 Budget, the City of Chicago transitioned to a grid-based garbage collection system that has increase efficiency and will save over $20 million in operation costs.  Please use the interactive map below to determine when your garbage pickup day is.  Please note: garbage collection days vary following snowfall.  Streets & Sanitation will not empty garbage carts if they are not accessible due to obstructions (including snow).  If your garbage cart(s) is stuck to the pavement with ice, please make your best effort to free the cart (s).  If Sanitation workers are unable to lift the cart(s), they will not remove the garbage.  Residences that receive garbage collection services provided by the Department of Streets and Sanitation will begin paying a garbage service fee of $9.50 per month per dwelling unit.

Click here to find Your Recycling/Garbage Pick Up Times.
Click here to request a Replacement Black Cart if your Cart is Missing/Stolen

Bulk Pickup

Please note: the City no longer provides bulk pickup services.  If you need to dispose of trash in large quantities and will not fit inside of the garbage cart (s), please place the items in the alley next to your garbage cart the night before or the morning of your scheduled pickup day.  City code prohibits obstructing the alley even in cases of garbage disposal.  Please do not place large quantities of garbage in the alley.

Fly Dumping

Illegal dumping, or "fly dumping," is the dumping of any waste material on public or private property without a permit from CDPH. Illegal dumping endangers public health by creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus, attracts rats, poses hazards to children playing nearby and decreases property values. 

 Trash that is commonly dumped includes:

  • tires
  • old furniture
  • construction debris
  • appliances
  • yard waste
  • hazardous waste (generally dumped in drums or barrels)


The City of Chicago offers several ways for residents of the 44th Ward to recycle. If your garbage is picked up by the city's Streets & Sanitation department, you can participate in Chicago's Blue Cart Program. With this program, materials no longer need to be sorted in blue bags. All materials to be recycled can go directly into the blue cart. Blue carts will have separate pickup from normal garbage collection, and will be sorted on-site.  For more information on the City of Chicago's recycling program, please click here.

Clean & Green

The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation invites residents and community groups to volunteer to help revitalize their neighborhoods by participating in the Clean and Green citywide beautification effort.

Community groups who wish to participate are asked to identify a worksite and contact 311 to register. The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation can provide the brooms, rakes, shovels and bags needed to complete each cleaning project.  Individuals who wish to participate can also call 311 to be referred to Clean and Green activities in their area.

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