Residential Permit Parking

Chicago's Residential Parking Permit program is designed to restrict parking on designated residential streets during specified hours, except for the residents of that street, guests of the residents or those who provide a service to the residents. This program helps to ensure that residents of densely populated areas have reasonable access to parking near their residences. Cars parked in violation of this ordinance will be ticketed. Zone #383 is in the majority of the 44th Ward and enforcement times may vary from block to block.

There will no longer be a separate annual residential permit parking sticker. The permit will be purchased in combination with the city vehicle sticker. If you purchase an annual residential parking permit, your new vehicle sticker will now include your residential parking permit zone number and license plate number. The permit parking zone number is printed right on the vehicle sticker.

If you live on a "commercial" street (Belmont, Sheffield, Diversey, Halsted, Broadway, Southport, Irving Park, and the east side of Ashland), you will need to obtain an "exception letter" from the Alderman's office. The City Clerk's office will deny your application without the exception letter. Please pick one up at our Ward Office at 3223 N. Sheffield by showing a photo ID and proof of your current address (current utility bill or lease).  

City of Chicago Vehicle Stickers/Residential Parking Permits may be purchased online at the City Clerk's website ( You will also find a complete listing of City Clerk locations, Department of Revenue Sub-Stations and Community Vendors. Please note: Community Vendors may charge a convenience fee of up to $5.50.

The Department of Revenue Sub-Station located at 2550 W. Addison has two automated stations capable of selling the new combined City Sticker/Residential Parking Permit.

Looking for temporary 24-hour Guest Permits?  Please click here 

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