What projects did the Infrastructure Menu funds go towards?

Please click here to see a list of projects

How can I buy a City Sticker?

Click on the following link: City Vehicle Sticker

How can I buy an annual residential parking permit?

Click on the following link: Residential Permit Parking

How can I buy temporary guest parking permits for my guests?

Click on the following link: Residential Guest Permit Parking

What is the street cleaning schedule?

This 44th Ward Street Cleaning Schedule and Map will help you determine when there will be temporary No Parking on your street to facilitate street cleaning.

What are the parking restrictions during Cubs games?

Click on the following link: Cubs Night Parking

What parking zone am I in?

This 44th Ward Parking Zones Map will help you determine what parking zone you live in.

Can I pay my parking tickets online?

Yes, you can pay for parking tickets online through the City of Chicago's Paying a Parking Ticket Webpage.

What can I do if my car is towed?

For information on finding out whether a car has been towed or stolen, click here.

Can I park a pickup truck on a residential street?

Yes, but only while the commercial truck, regardless of weight, is providing deliveries or services to customers (ie: contractors, electricians, plumbers, furniture of other deliveries), or other expeditious loading or unloading.


When a residential truck permit is displayed and the truck is parked near the residence of the owner. This exception only applies within participating wards (including 44).

What is required to obtain a residential truck permit:

  • The vehicle must weigh less than 4,500 lbs.
  • The vehicle should not have any outstanding City of Chicago parking violations and have no tool boxes, ladder racks or company name/advertising on it. 
  • You must present proof of a current city sticker.
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