Cubs Game Parking


Residential Permit Parking (Zone 383) will be strictly enforced. As an added neighborhood protection, Permit Parking Zone 383 from Belmont to Irving and Broadway to Ashland within the 44th Ward is a Tow Zone from 5pm to 10pm. Vehicles parked in violation of Residential Permit Parking regulations are subject to ticket and/or tow beginning at 5pm for all night games.

Residential Parking Guest Passes are valid on night games. They must be properly completed and displayed on the passenger side windshield no later than 5pm.

It is illegal for any person or organization, to offer for sale, expose for sale or acquire for the purpose of sale any residential parking permit or daily parking permit. This includes posting permits for sale on websites or offering permits in conjunction with event tickets. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $1500 and banned from purchasing residential daily parking permits.

Reminder: There is No Parking on Addison (North Side) from Clark to Ashland from 4pm until 11:30pm during all night games and on Eddy (North Side) from Racine East to the Brown Lot Entrance two Hours before until one hour after all baseball games.

Priority Towing will take place in all areas designated as No Parking.

Vehicles in violation of parking regulations resulting in a public safety hazard, such as Bus Stops No Parking/Tow Zones, crosswalks, driveways, alleys, etc. are subject to immediate ticket and tow. 

The Cubs Hotline is operated One Hour before until Two Hours after all baseball games. To report night game parking violations and other quality of life issues, please call 1-866-427-3869. Please call 911 for Police emergencies.

The Police/OEMC will be implementing traffic "slowdowns" in order to regulate the amount of traffic coming into the area at the same time. In addition, during Pre & Post Game, at the discretion of the Police / OEMC, Addison between Racine and Halsted and Clark between Newport/Sheffield and Grace may be closed to vehicular traffic as a Public Safety measure. While this may be inconvenient, public safety is of the utmost importance.  Commercial Trucks will not be allowed in a designated security perimeter bound by Halsted to Racine and Belmont to Irving Park, beginning three hours prior to any Wrigley Field event until one hour after the event.

Expect heightened Police presence and enhanced security measures throughout the Wrigley Field Area.  Residents should have Identification available for presentation to any law enforcement officer or traffic management agent upon request.

Special Event Meter Pricing for paid parking spaces (metered spaces) goes into effect on Monday April 10th. LAZ Parking has begun the installation of sign on all affected pay boxes between Belmont and Irving Park/ Broadway and Southport. Meter rates will be $4.00 per hour every game/event date for 7 hours beginning 2 hours prior to each game and 7 hours from that time. This includes residential wrap-around meters. Additional information can be found at

As of July 1, 2008, the LV-2 Cubs Night Parking program has been eliminated in the 44th Ward. Zone 383 is the only parking zone remaining in effect in the 44th Ward, east of Ashland Ave. Night game enforcement begins at 5:00 p.m. Residential parking permit and/or a guest pass must be displayed by 5:00 p.m. Vehicles not displaying proper permits may be ticketed and towed.

Please Note: Additional parking restrictions are posted on Addison (north side), Clark, Sheffield and Waveland. Please carefully read all signs prior to parking your vehicle. Vehicles parked in violation of the posted signs, are subject to ticket & tow.

If you live in a LV-2 Zone, please double-check which ward you live in by clicking here.

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